The Two Questions Trump Supporters Can't Seem To Answer...

"Stop The Steal"

We've been hearing those 3 words since November.  The idea being that Democrats stole the presidential election from Donald Trump in 2020.

I'm a life long republican.  A Pro gun, anti abortion, back the blue, leave the government the hell out of my daily affairs, Reagan Republican.  But as far as "Stop the Steal" goes.... yeah, I have questions.

I've searched for the answers to many of them, but in truth, it's hard to find them.  There is literally so much b@llshit on the internet that it can be impossible to find those rare bits of actual truth.  It's gotten to the point of genuine insanity.... there are people out there who actually believe that Italy used satellites to change Trump votes to Biden votes.  I mean... who in their right minds believes this sh@t?

So... I'm putting this out there for the people.  Two questions... absolute basic questions... that I have not been able to find answers to or find anyone with an answer.

So I'm putting them here.  And I want actual answers.  If you have them... i beg of you... put them in the comments.  I will literally put anything resembling an intelligent answer in this article, word for word.  Hell, If you want I'll put your name in there.  You won't get famous, but more than 400k people have viewed our page... people will see it.

Here are my two questions.

One:  Trump and all of his followers in DC... Gaetz, Jordan, Ron Johnson... have been screaming at us about voter fraud since summer of '19.  Dead people voting, mass ballot drops, mail in voter fraud.  If you believe them, then they know exactly and specifically what was going to happen... all of the things Trump said were coming... every one of them... he's still saying now.  Here's my question.  If the President of the United States... the most powerful man on earth, arguably... knew exactly what was coming... why did he and his followers do nothing to stop it?  Not one time did we hear of them taking a single thing to stop it.  WHY??

Two:  Why have we not seen any proof??  They've been going on and on about it for half a damn year.  And if you know anything at all about Trump, Fox News, OAN, and the rest of them, it's this... if there was actual proof, they would have it on a 24 hour loop forever.  The closest I've seen is the gibberish coming from Rudy Giuliani, who's been senile since the late 90s, and that lunatic ass My Pillow guy.

So there they are.  If you actually believe... for rational reasons... that the 2020 election was stolen, you damn sure ought to be able to coherently answer those two questions.  My guess?  Sadly, I don't think I'll get one.  From here, it seems like the only people pushing this theory are republicans who benefit if America believes this... and the people who used to chase aliens and big foot.

Please, please, please... prove me wrong. 

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