Kristin Urquiza: My Father's Only Precondition Was Trusting Trump

We all seem to have become immune, to some degree, to the actual effects of COID-19.  It's the school shooter syndrome; those of us old enough to do so all remember Columbine.  It shocked us.  It was unprecedented.  We all felt it.  It wasn't a thing we would have ever thought could become... normal.  But it has.  Need proof?  How many school shootings were there in 2019?  Make a guess, and then look it up.  Or I can save you the trouble.  The answer is 417.  If that number doesn't shock you for a moment, there's something wrong with you.  Now.... name as many as you can.  I couldn't come up with 5.  And the ones I could.... I couldn't name anything more than the state.  Because horribly, they are, in a pre COVID world, an every day thing.

COVID is becoming similar.  When we hit a thousand cases in America, we were all shocked.  When we hit 10,000, we were worried.  We will soon hit 200,000, and many won't blink an eye.  COVID is just numbers any more.  It's not faces.  It's not peopele.

We can't let that happen.  We can't let this become the norm.  These aren't numbers... they are people.

Here's a reminder.

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