What is the #TrumpVirus Movement?


If you pay attention to Twitter at all, you've seen it trending on and off for days.... #TrumpVirus.

#TrumpVirus is a movement, meant to bring attention to Donald Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And how does one join the #TrumpVirus movement?

You dig and you Tweet.

There are a million facts, quotes, and statistics that show us in black and white how badly his choices have affected us, and how many Americans' blood is on Trump's hands.

Don't use the #TrumpVirus tag to talk about what a racist Trump is; we all know.  Save that for other tags.  Don't make nonsensical tweets.  This isn't a place for humor.

30% of Americans genuinely don't realize how badly Trump is really handling this pandemic.  They get their news from propaganda outlets who tell them everything he does is just great.

Social media is the only place some of them have any real chance to find truth.  And for them to find it, we have to share it.

So take a few moments out of your day... post facts you feel is relevant.   Help our fellow Americans... the ones walking around maskless because for months Trump's propaganda machine has told them they should.... to see what's really going on before Trump kills them, too.   In the end, the #TrumpVirus is how we help those who have been brainwashed by our dictator in chief.  

Join the #TrumpVirus movement.

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