Trump's War Of The Masks

Trump's War Of The Masks

Can we really be this stupid?  This is America.  Land of the free, home of the brave, and apparently of a growing number of f*cking morons.

For the love of God, look at the numbers.

On July 10th, almost 70,000 people tested positive.


Here's what 70,000 people look like.

Every day in the United States a stadium full of people are coming down with this thing.

I live in a small midwestern town.  20,000 people.  It's the biggest town in a county of 40,000.  Mostly rural.  This, my friends, is Trump country.  And we all listened to Trump when he told us this.

He mocked masks.  Refused to wear one.  And the people of our county... followed our leader.  Maybe one person in 20 was wearing a mask.  We registered our first 2 cases in February; a couple returning from a cruise.  3 weeks ago, we had those same 2 cases.  Today, we have just over 200.  COVID-19 took it's time getting here, but now.... it has arrived.  With a vengance.

And it isn't just us.  It's everywhere.  Trump keeps telling us we're doing well, we have things under control.  He keeps holding rallies... and people keep getting sick.  Remember all of those horrible scenes in Italy and New York?  Refrigerated trailers to hold all of the bodies?  We're seeing that again.  In Florida.  Texas.  Arizona.  All of the states that listened when Trump pushed them to open up early... are now exploding with COVID.

It's time for us to accept one fact:  Trump was wrong.  Regardless of your party, we can't ignore the facts anymore.  This sh*t is everywhere.

Atlanta just shut down again.  Florida and Texas, states that mocked masks along with the president, have issued mask orders.

And the most tragic aspect of this.... we have the ability to stop it.  Or in the least, slow it the hell down.  With the simplest steps imaginable.  See this?

If we all wear them, it cuts transition rates. 

This isn't politics.  It's science.

If we all wear masks... if we stop going out when we don't need to... we can end this thing.  Not tomorrow;  but it will end.

I mean, come on.  If you feel like you need to support Trump, do it in a way that doesn't continue the slaughter of your fellow Americans.  Wear a f*cking MAGA mask or something... they have them!

There is a link in that picture... literally click it... it takes you right to the Amazon page.  They cost a couple of damn dollars.

Enough with the people screaming about their "rights".  Yes, we have unalienable rights as Americans.  But if you are using that as an excuse to continue risking the lives of your fellow Americans because you have the "right" to not be mildly uncomfortable.... f*ck you.  You have no idea what it means to be an American.  You have those rights because folks like me... 8 years in the military, my friends, 2 tours of duty... I fought for those rights.  But those rights aren't free.  Freedom isn't free.  You aren't entitled because you were fortunate enough to be born here.  We as Americans have those rights because for generations we have earned them.  Not all of us by fighting, but by deserving them.  

In the America I fought for, we have each other's back.  We look out for each other.  We take care of each other.  I wear a mask not just because it may protect me, but because there is a significant chance that I could be carrying this stupid virus and not know it.  And if I take my ass out to the bar, or the beach, or McDonald's, I may spread it.  I could kill you.  Or your children.  Or your parents.  And we've all seen it by now... it's not a nice death.  

I may not know you.  But we are all Americans.  The 135,953 (That number went up by 40 since I started writing... which means that since you started reading this, half a dozen more people have died)  people who died were Americans.  And the simple truth is that many of those could have been avoided had we all followed the guidelines set not by the man running the show who couldn't care less about the corpses he's generating... A man who is tested daily and forces those around him to keep him safe while telling us as a nation that those steps aren't important for us..... but by actual doctors and scientists.

Refusing to wear a mask isn't patriotic... it's the exact opposite.  And the people clinging to that arrogant, selfish logic are as Unamerican as can be; they neither understand nor deserve the rights they scream for.

Wear a mask.  Stay home if you can.  Don't go out and do unnecessary sh*t.  Yes, it's inconvenient.  Personally, I hate the damn things.  But you know what's more inconvenient?  Dying.  I was willing to give my life to protect my fellow Americans.  I'm damn sure willing to wear a mask and have less than perfect hair to do so.


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