Trump Says He Won't Sign Defense Bill If It Requires Renaming Military Bases

Just hours after unleashing this racist rant because he so firmly opposes the Black Lives Matter movement....

“NYC is cutting Police $’s by ONE BILLION DOLLARS, and yet the @NYCMayor is going to paint a big, expensive, yellow Black Lives Matter sign on Fifth Avenue, denigrating this luxury Avenue. This will further antagonize New York’s Finest, who LOVE New York & vividly remember the horrible BLM chant, “Pigs In A Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon”. Maybe our GREAT Police, who have been neutralized and scorned by a mayor who hates & disrespects them, won’t let this symbol of hate be affixed to New York’s greatest street. Spend this money fighting crime instead!”

Our Racist in Chief informed us all via Twitter that he will not sign the new defense bill... that would be the bill that pays for both the military he pretends to care about.... Except, of course, for the soldiers Putin decides to pay to have assassinated.... if it requires renaming the military bases that are named after men who fought and killed for the right to own other men.

That's right... to hell with the military, to hell with fighting the pandemic that has killed more than 100 thousand Americans... if it interferes with his racist agenda.  

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