Trump Jr's Girlfriend Tests Positive For COVID-19. Did She Still Attend The Rally?

You gotta say this.... the Trump's never let us go a day without them.  

Today's chapter:  Kimberly Guilfoyle.  Girlfriend of Don Jr.  Here she is.

And why do we care about Ms Guilfoyle today?  Aside from being DJ's girl, and a prominent president in Trump's nepotism empire, this young lady is the proud owner of perhaps the most ironic moment of 2020 yet.  And look at 2020.... that's something.

You see, Ms. Guilfoyle caught herself a case of COVID-19 at Trump's Tulsa rally.  And as such, of course, as the Corona Taskforce guidelines dictate, she was going to self quarantine for 2 weeks.  

Please.  Like I said, this is 2020.  This is the year of Trump.  She had a small get together to attend first.  

By their own accounting, 7500 people.  All packed nice and tight.  Almost none in masks.  Seems like a reasonable place for someone who was diagnosed with COVID-19... which, as I may have mentioned, she caught at the last such gathering... to hang out, doesnt't it?  What could possibly go wrong?  If only there were someone.... a collection of experts, for example, who could just tell her what she should do in this case in the midst of a pandemic....

She did, by the way, choose not to attend the rally.... shortly after the media got wind of it.  Said she was't planning to attend.  She reportedly made this statement from South Dakota.  Good place to hang out, then.

Welcome to the year of Trump.


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