The Death Of The Trump Presidency

Donald Trump is misunderstood.

Got your attention?

And no, this is not an opinion piece.

And sadly, it's obvious.  Very few Americans have even the slightest idea who and what our president is.

To around 40% of Americans, this is Donald Trump:

A super hero.  Supporters may not even be a strong enough word;  Worshipers is probably more accurate.  To his followers, Trump can do no wrong.  If he says it, they believe it.  When he does screw up... they blame someone else.  Everything in America that works is his doing.... everything that doesn't is someone else's fault. 

Another 40% or so of Americans see our president this way:

To the folks who see Trump this way, the opposite of everything I said back there is true.  Nothing he does is right.  If he does happen to stumble onto doing something right, then he must have sinister motives.

The truth is that neither of these is true.  This is Donald Trump.

Not a super hero, and not a devil.  As is the case with any two extremes in life, the truth lies somewhere in between.

So how did we get here?  Hell, look around.  This is the age of information.  Facts aren't facts any more.  Everything is politicized.  It doesn't matter what it is.... the moment something becomes a public topic you can tune into whichever flavor of news you'd like and they'll spoon feed you their own partisan view of it. 

Need an example?  As we speak, America is deciding weather to send our kids back to school.  Trump supporters say we should immediately, full scale.  They claim those who oppose them are sacrificing our kids' well being as a political tool.  Change the channel, and you'll be told that that's a tragic idea, and that Trump supporters are sacrificing our kids' well being as a political tool.

One fact, two completely opposing points of view.  Because in today's America... we see what we want to see.

It's no different with Trump.  We see in Trump what we want to.  And that, sadly, has led us to the divided place this country is.

So let's take a look at the man, shall we?  Not through partisan lenses, but as he is.  Because the truth is... Trump is really not a complicated man.

Now rather than just explaining... or trying to psychoanalyze... let's lead in with Trump himself.

That was Trump running for president.  Now, any way you look at it, that line was a stroke of genius.  He rode that wave right into the White House. Listen to the crowd... the guy in the background screaming "Build that f*cking wall!" (at 0:15).

Those people were really invested in that line.

So why are we starting here?

Because there were several small problems with that video.... problems that are crucial to understanding who and what Donald Trump is.

To start with, if you know literally anything about geopolitics... anything at all.... then you know that Mexico was not going to pay for the wall.  That's not an opinion, it's a fact.  One that time has backed up.  It simply wasn't a possibility.  In fact, the mere suggestion of it was ridiculous.  There was absolutely no chance whatsoever of that happening.

So why did he say it?  Other that riling up his supporters and creating a hell of a catchphrase, why did Trump continue to lead half of America on a chant that he knew wasn't true?

There isn't a secret answer here.  No hidden agenda.

He did it because it worked.

That simple.

This, my friends, is who Donald Trump is.

Trump is, without question, the greatest salesman of our generation.

Trump is not a "stable genius".  If you buy that one, you're an idiot.  Watch the guy on TV.  Literally any appearance he has ever made.  There are times when the man sounds like a four year old.  And not a bright four year old.  He literally knows a total of what? 6 adjectives?  Everything is beautiful, strong, powerful, and... well, that's about it.  Unless those are the best words he mentions so often, then the only time he has the best words are when a teleprompter is spitting out his latest Stephen Miller speech, and even those he struggles mightily with.

Trump is not a patriot.  For all of you hardcore right wing supporters... he's not even a real republican!  The man has changed parties 5.... count them, 5... times.  Go ahead and cry "fake news!", but it's true.  Google it.  From 2001 to 2009 Donald Trump was a card carrying registered Democrat.  And not just a Democrat... a far left democrat!  Among the issues he publicly supported were abortion and... wait for it.... gun control!  That's right, Trump was a snowflake!

Because Trump, as any great salesman is, is whatever he needs to be at the moment.  He supports whatever position is most lucrative for him.

Trump is not moral; the fact that the religious right supported him in 2016 is perhaps the most perfect example of irony in history.  This is a man who hates immigration but orders mail order brides like most of us order from Amazon.  Everything he attacks about immigration is a lie.  More proof?

A man who cheats on his wife with porn stars.  This is our great moral leader:

Trump is also not, as he frequently tells us, a great negotiator.  A negotiator isn't one who is able to bully and step on others because he has more money and a better legal team.  And that is literally the only tactic he knows.  The man doesn't even understand the word "compromise."

In the business world, it worked.  Plow through and if that doesn't work, bury them with litigation.

He has tried this on a continuous basis in office;  hell, he's doing it today.  He decided this week that all schools... kids' and colleges, need to throw those doors open and full scale return.  When the schools said "maybe we'll wait and see what the doctors say."... he immediately threatened to cut their funding.

And finally, Trump is not a successful businessman.  He has, without question, failed miserably at virtually everything he has touched.  

  • Trump Airlines
  • Trump Beverages
  • Trump: The Game
  • Trump Casinos
  • Trump Magazine
  • Trump Mortgage Company
  • Trump Steaks
  • Trump Travel Company
  • Trump University
  • Trump Vodka
  • Trump Charities

Every one of those are ventures of Trump's that were colossal failures.  In fact, virtually every venture he has attempted has failed.  Look up how many times he has gone bankrupt.  He has, in fact, the distinction of having lost more money... literally billions.. than anyone in human history.

So... how?  How has the man I just described risen to the most powerful position on Earth?

Because for all of his flaws, Donald Trump is, as I started off saying, the greatest salesman of our times.  He understands people.  Not on an individual level;  The man has the people skills of a yak.  But he has a fundamental grasp of how the masses work.

And I will be the first to admit that in one aspect, he is a genius.  The man can read and react like no one I've ever seen.  He feels the pulse of a room.  He knows what people are looking for, and he knows how to give it to them.

Have you ever heard a less Conservative point of view?  I promise you if he had said that while running he wouldn't have been elected.  But at that moment... just after a group of children had yet again been killed in a school shooting, he understood on a fundamental level that he had to change his song.  Of course, he changed course a few days later after things had died down. 

It's the biggest weapon in his arsenal.  For a year, he had Americans chanting about Mexico paying for his wall.  They didn't, and as of two weeks ago, he had managed to build a grand total of 3 miles of new wall.  3 whole miles.  And it's not even wall... it's fence.

Trump is the consummate car salesman.  In fact, odds are if he hadn't had Daddy Fred's millions to fall back on, it's where he would've ended up.  And man, would he have been good at it.  He will say or do whatever it takes to get us into that car and off the lot.

But he did have Daddy Fred's millions, and along the way, he managed to learn his other valuable tool;  self promotion.  The true genius of Trump is that.  For decades, he has failed miserably at nearly everything he has tried.  Yet somehow, he has managed to keep his face prevalent in pop culture.  He may not be able to promote anything else, but Donald Trump can promote him some Donald Trump.

And here's a kick in the teeth for those of you who see him as Devil Trump.  For three years, he was exactly what this country needed.  Look at America; Trump is a reflection of us as a whole.  We are an arrogant lot, far more worried about what we're entitled to than how we earn those rights.

(Click for a an explanation)

We are selfish and we are lazy.  We care far more about our phones and toys and Tweeting and Facebooking that we do about what's important in the world.  We think we're the best in the world at everything, even though that hasn't been true for decades.  Somehow in the year 2020, as we've all seen, we're some fundamentally racist bastards.

Donald Trump is, as most of out presidents have historically been, a reflection of who we are as a country.

And if you look at his term right up until 2019, he was succeeding.  Yeah, he was making some messes.  Holding the nuts of dictators.  Promoting racism.... he brought all of our undercover white supremacists right out into the open.  Some of his economic policies were garbage, but not all of them.  And like it or not, he gave America a bit of swag.  He fully rejuvenated the "America, f*ck yeah!" mentality.

I'm not saying I agree with most of this nonsense, but enough of this country did that had COVID not come along, he would have beaten Biden... and he would have beaten him badly.

Because as a country, we are Trump.  Arrogant, entitled, selfish chest thumpers.

But COVID did indeed come along, and we have learned some lessons.  And, along the way, some of us.... by far not all, but some... have picked up a bit of humility.

In the world that existed 6 months ago, Trump's manic blend of self promotion,  blame, propaganda, and hate speech worked.  Because in the end, there were no consequences for the average American.  But COVID has changed all of that.  We now see that Trump is utterly unequipped to handle a real problem.  When he told us Mexico was going to pay for that wall, it was a lie that in the overall scheme of things had little effect.  But when he tells us that COVID is a hoax, and convinces half of America that they're unpatriotic if they wear a mask instead of freely spreading death to fellow Americans, when he bullies states into opening against the recommendations of virtually every expert in the world... people die.

Many people die.  There are 3 million confirmed cases just here.  Coming up on 150,000 dead Americans.  The states he pushed to open early are now exploding with cases and on the verge of shutting back down.  The economy is in shambles.  And people are noticing.  Even his worshippers are starting to bail like rats from a sinking ship.

But in the end, Donald Trump was truly the president America needed.  Not because of anything he did right.  But because in the same way COVID exposed him, Donald Trump has exposed us for what we are.  

But things are changing;  in an oddly morbid way, Trump has given us hope. 

He has shown us... in bright color, what our flaws as a country truly are.  The way he has handled the Black Lives Matter movement is as Tragic as it is pathetic.... but had it happened a year ago, it wouldn't have happened the way it has.  America is starting to see who exactly we chose to run our country, and it's forcing us to look in the mirror.  

But America is waking up.  The Supreme Court... including his two appointees, just struck down his notion that he is above the law.  We have learned that the office of president really doesn't have rules so much as suggestions.  His alienation of our allies and embracing of our enemies has shown us who those friends and allies are, and more importantly, why they are.

His base is deteriorating.  His allies are distancing.

The end, for Trump, is near.   And he knows it.  You can see it in his actions.  

We live in a different world than we did 6 months ago.  And with the age of information around us, evolution happens fast.

People forget sometimes that the United States is still a young country.  Still evolving.  And we have come to a crossroads.  This is the point in time when we choose who and what we, as a Nation, will be in our next evolutionary step.  Each of has a part to play.  We can only pray that the lessons we have learned from Donald Trump help us to choose wisely.


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