How To Make Masks Look Good

So even Donald Trump has worn a mask now.

I realize some of the more... what's the word?  Suicidal?  Homicidal?... Americans still think that COVID is a hoax, the flu, blah blah... but for those of us who aren't morons with our heads buried far up Trump' s ass.... Masks are a thing.  Will they stop you from COVID-19?  Maybe.  Will they stop you from spreading and killing fellow Americans?  Probably.

And so more and more real Americans are masking up.

But we don't have to look bad doing it.

In fact, masks are now becoming a bit of a fashion statement.

So if you want to look good while helping to fight this virus, here are some suggestions.

Think one of them is a good idea?  Click it... it will take you right to the Amazon page so you can order it.


Wearing a mask is the default patriotic thing to do, so what better place to start than with this American Flag mask?

You can show off your team... name a league... NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, College... you can find a facemask design.

There are countless facemask designs with superheroes, villains, Marvel characters... and, as seen here, The Joker.
Want to make a statement?  Sport this "V for Vendetta" Guy Fawkes/ Anonymous mask.
Maybe you're a Trump supporter who just realized COVID isn't a hoax, but you still support you some Trump.. You'll find these, MAGA masks, even masks with Trump's face on them.
You can show your support for the Black Lives Matter movement with a Black Lives Matter mask.
You can even support dead racists and be offensive while saving lives with a confederate flag mask.
For folks like Trump who are afraid of how they look... you can put your own face on a customized mask!
Who doesn't like Baby Yoda?  He has his own mask.

You can even buy the things in batches!

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