Here's How You know Trump Didn't Know About The Russian Bounties

There are moments, especially recently, when I look around and wonder how it is that we have so many dumb sh*ts in this great country of ours.  We're all news hounds now, but with the age of information exploding around us, we can all go out and find precisely which news we choose to ingest.  From the gun toting far right to the circle jerk far left, you can find someone who feeds you your news just how you want it.

No one ever takes the time to actually see the news as it is; we live in a society of spin.  The moment a topic drops, Twitter will show you 50 different perspectives of it.

Take, for example, the story that's peeking through the cracks of the news cycle in the age of COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter protests, Russia's apparent paying of Taliban troops to kill American soldiers.

The Democrats are literally sh*tting themselves on this one.  "What?  Trump knew?  Treason!"  All the while trying to play the other side of the coin and screaming "How could this information have not gotten to the president!"  (Here's some advice, Nancy.  Pick one.  Look around.  America is ADD as f*ck now)

And the Republicans don't know what the hell to do.  We've got Trump spouting Trumpisms, calling it a hoax.  His underlings were telling us they had it covered, nothing to see here.

So what really happened?  Did the President know?  If not, why oh why?

If we would all just sit the f*ck down, and look at what's right in front of us,  this sh*t ain't that hard to figure out.
First, let's establish what we know.  Here's a fact.  If, in fact, Russia was paying Taliban troops to kill American soldiers, it would be the biggest story of 2020 in a non COVID-19/BLM world.  Wars have started over far less.  And that would be an act of war.  If there was a belief there might be a shred of a chance that was happening, it would land on the President's desk that day.  Possibly even that moment.  So we can ignore all of the Republican claims that it never went in front of Trump.

And as far as Trump's hoax claims, I give you Mike Pompeo.  It's only 90 seconds... just watch the damn thing.

And what did we learn in those 90 seconds?  First, it was obviously not a hoax.  How do we know this?  Because Trump's Secretary of State just told us that it was handled properly, the appropriate people were informed, and steps were taken to protect soldiers.  He was very clear.

So how can both be true?  This is where we just have to use a bit of common sense and look at the evidence we have.

First of all, Trump believes it's a hoax.  Why?  Because no one told him about it last year when the intel came through.  We obviously took it seriously enough that Pompeo took steps against it.   So we can establish that the info came in, Pompeo and others made the choice that rather than informing the President of possibly the closest thing we have ever had to an actual declaration of war from Russia, they would simply handle it themselves... going against every established American practice and even some constitutional policies.  

The only question now.. is why.

I can only think of one scenario, and if you say you didn't think it when I asked the question I'll call you a liar.... The only logical conclusion is that they felt telling the president this information could be harmful.  Oh. I'm sure they slipped it into his daily report far deeper in than they knew Trump would ever go, to cover themselves.  The simple truth here is even those around him realize there's something there with Trump and Russia.  We'll skip the whole "Russian agent" silliness.  But I defy you to show me an actual example of Trump being hard on Russia.  Because I can show you dozens of examples of the opposite.

Trump's own people... his closest people, knew that they couldn't tell Trump.  And the consequences had to be dire, in their minds, to risk that.  Because we all know what happens when you piss Mr. Trump off.  Apparently Pompeo does have a line, for those who ask.  And that line was bounties on American heads.  Nice to know he'll stop somewhere, I guess.

If you have an alternate theory... not regurgitated Hannity bullsh*t,  but an actual intelligent thought... please share below.  I'm literally praying there is one.

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