Halloween Costumes For Racists

Halloween Costumes For Racists

It's never too early to prepare for Halloween!  And for those who enjoy a bit of a current events theme, but are having a hard time thinking of an award winning costume, The White House Insider is here for you!

So, without farther adieu, We bring you 10 Halloween Costumes for the American racist!

1. Fake ANTIFA Member

A hugely popular choice for a racist costumes in 2020 is the fake ANTIFA member!  This one is so popular people are using it now, months before Halloween!  And it's cheap and easy!  Simply paint yourself as seen above!  And this one is tried and true; Members of White Nationalist groups have been using this one since the Black Lives Matter protests began, commuting acts of violence with the intention of blaming the protesters!  As an added bonus, this costume virtually guarantees video coverage from Fox News!

2. Roger Stone

Roger Stone became a new popular addition to this list with his gloriously racist exaple of point blank racism just the other day....

That's right, for the racist who likes to let their racism shine in public, we present the Roger Stone costume!

Step one:  Apply fake Richard Nixon back tattoo.  (That's right, this is an actual thing!)

Step two:  Apply Trump "Pardon Me" shirt.

Step 3: Apply "Free Roger Stone" mask.... (show your racist pride and mock the hoax caronavirus at the same time!)

Step 4:  Top it off with a Roger Stone hat and let that racism shine!

3. Mike Pence

Really throw that Halloween racism out there with this replica Mike pence KKK uniform, and in a variety of colors! As an added bonus, the world will immediately know that you not only hate minorities, but homosexuals as well!

Comes with cardboard cutout to hide behind!

4. Tucker Carlson

Of course we couldn't have this list without "news" television's new king of racism!  And this is the easiest costume to pull off! 

All you need is a suit jacket, a large bottle of mousse to pull off that coiffed hair and, of course, the trademark Tucker Carlson bow tie!

Recommended that you bring a few of the fake ANTIFA members up there along with you so you can scream in terror and point at them... and here's the most important aspect of this costume... loudly blame them for everything you can think of!

5. Mitch McConnell

Another popular choice for those looking for a costume of one of our prominent racist leaders!  You will, of course need a grim reaper costume...

Throw on your Mitch McConnell mask and Russian military hat and your Moscow Mitch costume is complete!

6.  Donald Trump

And of course we couldn't do a list of Halloween costumes for racists without a few ideas for our Dictator In Chief, the great and powerful Donald J. Trump!

Of course, you'll have to start with your own custom designed dictator uniform!

If you're looking for accuracy, we would suggest a large flap on the seat of the uniform pants to accommodate Putin's puppeteering arm!

Looking to accessorize?  Bring this along...

Just in case you and your friends, the fine people on both sides,  happen to encounter any disgusting anti racism, or, God forbid, Black Lives Matter, signs anywhere!

Bringing friends to your Halloween get together?  Dress them up in Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan minion costumes!

Even your minions can accessorize;  they all comes with a Trump ass replica hat foe them all to place their heads into, the Gates comes with it's own replica breathalyzer, and the Jordan comes with a multi use KKK sheet which can quickly be removed to quickly cover any sexual abuse allegations your group may stumble into!

And now, my friends, you are prepared for a truly racist Halloween!  Please share this everywhere you can, and if you have any suggestions, place them in the comments below!

Disclaimer:  If at any point you have nodded in agreement to any of this, or, God help you... and us at all... didn't understand that this is not meant to encourage racism, but to highlight and, in effect, mock the low life, sub human "Sons of Bitches" who preach, believe, or encourage said beliefs.... please find a hole, climb in it, and remain there until further notice.

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