Former IRS Auditor Reveals What Exactly Is In Trump's Taxes

His name is Micah Briarmon.  Unless you know him personally, you don't know that name.

In a day or two, you will.

Micah Briarmon is a career IRS agent.  More than 40 years on the job prior to his December, 2019 retirement for health issues.

And why should you care who Micah Briarmon is?

Remember this?

It turns out Trump's taxes actually were being audited in 2016, although there is no actual law or rule that says a presidential candidate can't release their tax returns while being audited.... but that's a discussion for another day.

We now know Trump really was being audited in 2016, because Friday night the man in charge of the audit, in an unprecedented move, has gone public.

In an interview broadcast on the conservative podcast Conservative Chat,  Micah Briarmon gave a stunning review of sorts of what was found in Donald Trump's taxes.

"The vast majority of Trump's financial backing over the last decade... nearly 95%... came from two sources; Russia and Saudi Arabia.  Virtually every project the Trump project begin since 2010 was backed in full by one of these two sources.  It wasn't direct; shell companies and shell entities are an everyday practice with the Trump organization.  The majority of Russia's financial backing was established through Deutsche Bank via Russian backed loans; as of 2016, the Trump organization is nearly 5.9 Billion dollars in debt to Russian interests."

Briarmon continued:

"The net value of the Trump Organization is non existent beyond the support of these two countries;  no American institution has been willing to loan Trump money in more than 20 years."

When questioned about the illegality of making public this information,  Briarmon revealed that his retirement in 2019 came after a diagnosis of stage 3 lymphoma, a condition which has worsened since.

"There isn't much they can do to me;  the odds of me seeing Christmas are slim to none.  But this is something the public needs to know before the election in November, and I may be the only man alive who can tell them... for now."

Micah Briarmon spoke for more than 90 minutes,  telling a frightening story.  He talked about how his superiors kept a thumb on him, essentially telling him that this audit was to remain open "But that nothing was actually supposed to be done.  I was basically told to keep my nose... and eyes... out of it." He said.

When asked who the individuals who kept the pressure on him were, he refused to name names, but said that "Some of them are visible public figures in the Trump Administration."

The most frightening... and pertinent fact, according to Micah Briarmon is this:

"President Trump and his family, to date, have not paid either the Russian of Saudi entities one penny back toward these loans.  Not one cent.  And yet they continue to funnel millions upon millions of dollars through Deutsche bank into the family's enterprises.  At some point, you have to ask... what are they getting out of this?  And when you see the reverential treatment Trump heaps on them... it's hard not to put two and two together."

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