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Epstien Co-Conspirator Ghislaine Maxwell Dead In Apparent Suicide

Alleged Sex Trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell Dead In Apparent Suicide.

Just days after being denied bail by a New York Judge for her arrest on child trafficking charges , British socialite and former Jerry Epstein girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell is dead.

The story was released quietly Sunday morning in a press release with no fanfare and very few facts, leading the internet to light up with a world of conspiracy theories.

The three line statement was as simple as it was disturbing, simply stating that "Ghislaine Maxwell died early on the morning of July 18th of an apparent suicide in her cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn."

The fact that we now see Ghislaine Maxwell dead in what initially appears to be stunningly similar to the way that alleged co-conspirator Jeffery Epstein died is leading to massive amounts of speculation.  

The statement said that "more information on the death of Ghislaine Maxwell would be made available upon investigation"
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