Bubonic Plague Now? Seriously?

Bubonic Plague.

If you are at all informed or educated, you've probably heard of it.  During the middle ages, the Bubonic Plague ripped through the world in a way that makes COVID-19 look like... the flu.  

But now the Bubonic Plague is making a return appearance.  And you won't believe where it popped up... In China.

Now before we go all Donald here and start throwing up racist slurs toward the Chinese, let's be grown ups and remember a few things.

China the country had nothing to do with COVID-19, or the fact that it's here.  There wasn't a vote amongst the Chinese people on the "Let's kill Americans" ticket. (That was actually Russia, encouraged by Trump).

So if you're holding this against the Chinese people, or even folks of oriental decent... which, horribly, some Americans are... you're a moron.

This was done by the Communist Chinese government.  Saying "Kung Flu" isn't you identifying the origin of the virus, it's you being a mindless sheep.  And an ignorant racist sheep at that. (apologies to sheep)

But what we can't allow to get lost is the fact that something IS going on over there.  It's hard to believe that the COVID-19 virus just happened to leak to a food market just blocks from the one place in China where they experiment with... Caronaviruses.

Do I think this is a master plan by the Chinese government to disable the world?  I do not.  What I think happened is simpler, and worse.  

I think the Chinese scientists were playing with this thing, and it got out.  I think the Chinese government tried to cover it up, and when that failed, I think they allowed it to spread.  Why?  Because if it's everyone''s problem, it's not just China's.  No one is truly talking this government on... other than Trump trying to use it as another step on his Valhalla of a white America... because we've all been trying not to die for 6 months. (Except, again, for Trump)

Last week, lost in the news, was a story about a new Caronavirus in China that jumps from pigs to people.  Today, it leaked that cases of the Bubonic Plague... yeah, you read that right, the Bubonic Plague... are popping up.

It begs one real question... what in the f*ck is the Chinese government doing over there?  

And what can we do?  For starters, educate yourself.  We all need to stop slurping down whichever partisan news smoothie we prefer to consume and start learning what FACTS are.

This isn't another excuse to push more racist doctrine.  Not an excuse for any of us to beat up an American with Oriental heritage or to call them juvenile racist remarks at them. (Both of which have happened this week)  They have nothing to do with the Chinese government.

Inform and Educate yourselves.  There are steps we can take, including but not limited to a little election coming up in November.

We need a leader who will confront and reign in Dictators.  And it's up to us to make that happen.


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