Arrest Warrant Issued For Prince Andrew In Epstein Case

In a discreet filing late Friday, An arrest warrant was issued for Andrew Windsor of London on charges related to the Epstein investigation.

The media slipped a bit on this one; no doubt with all of the fuss stirred up by President Trump over the 4th of July.... It appears the media just can't keep up anymore.

But the whole lot of them seemed to realize their mistake at once on Sunday the same way the rest of us did, when we saw #PrinceAndrew trunding.

That's right, Andrew Windsor of London is indeed Prince Andrew.

And with this warrant coming just days after Epstein co-conspirator Ghislane Maxwell and the announcement of her role as a cooperating witness... two questions become very prominent.

One:  If the first person they're going after is Prince Andrew, if that's what they're leading in with.... who the hell is next?

Two:  Donald Trump and William Barr just forcibly removed the man running this office days ago.  Before he left, however, the man they removed took steps to ensure that instead of Trump and Barr's hand picked replacement... a man with little experience and strong Trump ties.... he would be replaced by the office's #2.  Rumors flew about the fact that many of the investigations in this office involved the President and his friends.  Reports that he is trying to shut them down.  And from out of no where... this arrest.  Makes you wonder.... why would Donald Trump so clearly not want the Epstein details to emerge?

Share your thoughts below... who's next?

Prince Andrew has now been accused of having orgies with underage girls after document's were released in the Epstein/Maxwell case. 

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