Reagan Vs. Trump

Trump Embarrases Himself.... And Us All... Yet Again.

These photo ops are getting silly.  Today's example?  Trump sitting at a table with a group of small business owners.  Sign in the background that says "Opening up America Again."

These small business owners, in order, reading statements they obviously did not write: one poor woman couldn't even read the statement in front of her.   All taking time to of course praise Trump, telling him how amazing everything he does is, reading their pre-printed talking points.

And saddest of all,  our great president spent the majority of this ridiculous session on his phone.  I snuck a peek at Twitter, and sure enough... as these folks were reading their propaganda pieces, President Trump was Tweeting.... not paying attention to a word they said.  

Two questions come to mind... who does this actually work on... and is there not something better our President could be doing in the midst of a Pandemic, our country on the verge of a race war, than acting like a bored teenager on his phone Tweeting at John Bolton?  And is there any aspect of our system he can't make a mockery of?

I have never understood what the point of these things is.  Lining up a bunch of people to read statements heaping silly amounts of unjustified praise on him.  I have seen it before.... there is one particular group who does this constantly.