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Trump Family Hoards $3 Billion Of Stimulus Money While Real Small Businesses Die

Trump Family businesses hoard more than $3 Billion in stimulus money meant to save small businesses while many of those small businesses die.

When Steve Minuchan announced the details of the PPP (Payroll Protection Plan) several months ago, he was very specific.

We were informed that the small business loans were for, well.... small businesses.  Not major corporations.  And Minuchin promised us it would be transparent.  We would all be able to see who got the half billion dollars of our money.

But now the White House changed its mind, and is keeping that list secret without telling us why.

But it's hard to keep a secret in today's world.  And now that the list has been leaked, we see why.  Trump family businesses collected more than $3 billion of that money, along with many of his donors and billionaire friends.  

In fact, while many actual small American businesses were turned down and went out of business, almost 40% of that money went to billionaires and corporations who didn't need it.

Now we know why Trump and his friends were so willing to do this.... to line their own pockets.... to hell with the thousands of small businesses that died.  

It looks like when Trump says "Drain the Swamp"... he means drain its money.


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