Reagan Vs. Trump

Trump And Family Fighting For Rent Forgiveness... But Not For You

As COVID-19 has dismantled our economy, many Americans are struggling to pay their bills.

But President Donald Trump sees the struggle, and he cares.  In fact, on June 22nd, Trump himself sent a letter to Palm Beach County, Florida authorities demanding that they waive rent payments for the duration of the calendar year 2020.

Unfortunately, however, Barr and Trumps demand would only provide this relief for one particular American... The Mar-A-Lago golf club.

That's right; the Trump organization has demanded that the county wave the resort's $88,000+ per month rent payments due to the hardships they face from the COVID-19 crisis.

Many Americans will lost their homes during this crisis, but we can all rest easy;  at least the President's Golf Club will be ok.