Reagan Vs. Trump

The Monster In The Room That No One Is Talking About

It looks like a logo for an emo band, doesn't it?  You've probably never seen it... no reason you would have.  The Order of the Nine Angels is... and I'm not making this up... a group of satanic nazi  right wing extremists.  As silly as it may sound, it is far more sinister than you'd think.   Don't feel bad if you didn't know that's a big thing now.... a lot of us didn't.  Doesn't seem like an outfit with an agenda that would catch on, but it is and it has.

And why should you care?  Ethan Melzer.  Ethan Malzer is a soldier in our United States Army... and a card carrying member of the aforementioned Order of Nine Angels.  He was just arrested for planning, along with this group, the ambush of his entire unit.   

Stop and process that shit for a minute.  An American soldier plotting with a bunch of Nazi Conservative Satanists to murder his unit.  There has been a lot of messed up shit happening in our country of ours in recent months, but this.... this is something else.  I feel pretty comfortable saying all of us along every line... black or while, Republican or Democrat, men or women.... whatever... will feel the same way about.  

But the thing is... it's not a big deal.  I flipped back and forth between Fox and CNN tonight.  Fox barely mentioned it.  On and on all damn night about the people pulling down statues, blaming ANTIFA for Trumps half empty arena, and telling us how we should nuke the "savages" trying to occupy D.C.  CNN and MSNBC were almost as bad... too busy pounding those empty seats and the outbreak of corona coming to rally-goers in a couple of weeks into the brains of its viewers.

For just a moment, lets take off the hats.  For just a little while, lets put party aside.  Partisan politics have engulfed us, and we're all so busy bickering that we're missing some catastrophic events here.  Everything has become so diluted that no one really sees what's happening.  So at the risk of pissing everyone off, I'm going to do the one thing no one on either side seems to do any more... I'm going to cut through the bullshit.

We'll get back to Ethan's repulsive ass in a bit, but first, let's go back to George Floyd, and the question of weather there is a problem with systemic racism amongst America's police.  The answer is yes, and a resounding yes at that.  It isn't really a question any more.  Know how we know?  Because even as protesters canvass our country, it has continued.  Much of it on live television.  And while Black people dying at the hands of police is the primary issue, we're seeing that as a whole, policing is broken here.  The fact that it still seems to happen on a near nightly basis... and all while they are, and are aware they are, under surveillance.  There are police out there who simply don't give a shit.  Pushing down old people.  Attacking and arresting reporters.  And yes, continuing to kill black people.  Are all police bad?  Of course not.  And that needs to be remembered as well.  Many are still heroes... but not enough.

Which brings us to the Black Lives Matter protests.  Are they necessary and are they justified?  Here's the first place I'm gonna piss some people off.... because not only is the answer yes, but the truth is not only are the protests justified, but the actual rioting... was necessary.  No, I'm not condoning it.  Every person who was a part of that the destruction  belongs behind bars.  But here's a dark truth... if the riots hadn't happened, nothing would have changed.  Remember what happened after the Parkland shooting?  

Almost a million people marched on Washington.  Remember this young lady?  

She was gonna change the world.  But in reality, nothing changed.  We got some speeches.  The folks in Washington had all kinds of thoughts and prayers for the families of the victims.

Without getting into which side of that debate you or I fall on... like I said, no politics here... the point is that they rose up.  They protested... and these were predominantly white people... and it didn't matter.  

So do we really think that if black people had just protested peacefully anyone would have given a shit?  There would have been some hashtags.  A few songs by celebrity musicians would have popped up on Youtube.  But nothing else would have changed.  Because Washington didn't care, and they didn't care because white America as a whole didn't care.  Average middle class midwestern towns were untouched by this.  Colin Kaepernick tried it, and we ran him right out of the NFL.

This is how revolutions are begun.  White America needed to see the streets on fire.  On the level we did.  And look around; suddenly there are changes being made.  Suddenly white America cares, and realizes..."Holy shit.  Maybe Colin Kaepernick had a point."  This is what revolution... and evolution... looks like.

But with every revolution, there are counter revolutions.  There is one happening as we speak. and sadly, Ethan Melzer is a symptom of this infection.  And here's where I piss off some more of my fellow republicans... Our President is a huge part of the problem.

And don't start with the "Never Trumper" bullshit.  How that became a judgement/ insult eludes me.  I am a lifelong republican, and I voted for Trump.  But that doesn't mean I have some quasi- cultish requirement to agree with everything he says, or that I am somehow evil if I call him out when he screws up.  If you believe this, or are one of these cultish followers, by all means stop reading now and go get your daily dose of propaganda from his Twitter page; You're an ass.  Proof that you're an ass?  While you're telling me I'm unpatriotic for questioning him, telling my I'm obligated to blindly follow and never question him for no other reason other than his position... did you blindly support Obama?  Because last time i checked, he occupied the exact same office... do those rules only apply to a president who you agree with?

And why is Trump part of the problem?  Two words:  Patrick Underwood.  Patrick Underwood was the federal law enforcement officer who was gunned down in the beginning of the Black Lives Matter protests in Oakland.  "Patrick Underwood"  immediately became a rallying cry for the President and his people.  Trump, his kids, his minions Tweeted and spoke about Patrick Underwood continuously.  Dozens of Tweets just from trump.  They all reminded us again and again how these Black Lives Matter protesters had taken the life of this black officer.  This was a victim of ANTIFA.  In fact, we have heard about ANTIFA from them on a constant loop.  Watch an hour of FOX News.  I guarantee you'll hear the word ANTIFA no fewer than a half dozen times.  Every fire started is ANTIFA.  Every business looted is ANTIFA.  We even have our Attorney General, William Barr, telling us, and reminding us that the full resources of the DOJ are being utilized to investigate, seek out, and apprehend the "Antifa terrorists"

Bet a few days ago, we were dealt a stunning plot twist.

These are the black ANTIFA members who killed Patrick Underwood.  Only, as you can see, they aren't very black at all.  Or ANTIFA.  They are, in fact. members of a different organization, ore at the complete opposite end of the spectrum.  They are Boogaloo Bois.  And yes, that's a real name.  Google it... Boogaloo Bois are the Order Of The Nine Angels without the satanism gimmick.  And here's the terrifying part; the reason everyonre thought Patrick Underwood was murdered by Black ANTIFA members is because they planned it that way.  That was their goal: to kill police while blaming the Black Lives Matter movement.

And since the day of their arrest, our President, who made a household name out of Patrick Underwood when he thought ANTIFA was responsible for his death, has not mentioned him once.  Not a single Tweet.  I mean, really, Don?  Do you have any idea how this looks?  We find out it was right wing extremists, not ANTIFA, who killed him, and suddenly you don't care?

And it isn't just these couple of incidents.   These right wing extremists are being arrested on a near daily basis.  Most with the same idea; create chaos, kill police, destroy businesses, and do it in a way that casts blame onto the Black Lives Matter Protesters.  And it's not just in democratic spots, either.  A group was just busted up in Texas.  There was a group of arrests in Alabama.  One group was arrested in California after the initial wave of riots in looting... they had painted themselves brown... faces, hands, every bit of exposed skin... and burned business in black neighborhoods.  This group actually called in an anonymous tip to the local TV channel to make sure there was media coverage of these "black" men burning black businesses.

And it doesn't end with that.  A conservative group has claimed responsibility for two black men being hung from trees in California.  Yeah, you read that right, too.  Hung from trees.  Circa KKK early 1900s.  

All told, there have been, nationwide, more than a hundred arrests just of members of the Boogaloo Bois.  Dozens from other right wing groups.  

On the flip side... and this will no doubt surprise some of my fellow republicans... there has not been a single confirmed case of ANTIFA led violence.  Not one.  In fact, if you do a bit of digging online, you will find that ANTIFA has been a surprisingly calming force throughout the protests.

So why do Trump and his crew continue to barrage us with propaganda, blaming ANTIFA every time someone farts?  Because this is, unfortunately, what he does.  Trump prefers to use dark skinned villains in his narratives.  It's a fact, and if you choose to deny it you're choosing to ignore the evidence.  It's been this way for decades with him, moreso as president.  Black people who kneel for the anthem are sons of bitches.  The countries they come from are shit holes (even if they were born here).  

Just the other day at his rally, he said this:

"They want to demolish our heritage so they can impose their new oppressive regime in its place.  The unhinged left wing mob is trying to vandalize our history.  Desecrate our monuments, our beautiful monuments."

These aren't people who are trying to murder police or entire military units; these are people who are upset with what they see as the glorification of men who believed, fought for, and killed for the right to own other men because their skin was a different color.  And even if you don't agree with what they're doing or their motives... for the sake of argument, let's accept that some see them simply as vandals... again, this is the United States, and we all have the right to our opinions and beliefs.... are we, for one moment, going to say these "vandals" are worse than the other "Fine people" we've been discussing here?  Of course not.  So why in the hell do Trump and his people go on and on about them without saying a damn word about these other monsters?

Oh, we get a canned response out of them on occasion, usually immediately after Trump says something stupid.  It often sounds like the disclaimer at the end of a medication commercial.

"The United States in no way condones racism, racism related acts or any form of racism related statements." Type stuff.  But have you ever once really heard Trump come out against this?

Not once in 3 1/2 years has he come out in any way as passionately as that on the subject of this right wing movement.  Just ANTIFA, ANTIFA, ANTIFA.

And why is that?  Because the majority of these people are Trump supporters.  It's that simple.  We won't get into weather Trump is or is not a racist; the point is he presents like one.  Spend a bit of time looking at some of these groups presence online.  They love our President.  They see his projected views as a validation of their beliefs.  Five years ago, these were mainly closet organizations.  They weren't out front, because our society did not accept them.  But when we have a commander in chief who by all accounts refuses to go toe to toe with them... who simply will not confront them head on, even though he confronts any and everyone else... who drops racist sound bytes constantly... Pocahontas, Kung Flu, etc... who simply refuses to say the words "Black Lives Matter" without a disclaimer or a chaser of "ALL lives matter".... it sends a message of acceptance.  A message they appear to have heard... weather he meant it as such or not... loud and clear.

If you think for one moment that Trump's antics haven't contributed at all to this cultural shift, you're blind.  Could it be he truly isn't doing this all with that intent?  It could.  Perhaps this is all simply political maneuvering.  But it's dangerous.  The simple truth is that weather he is doing so intentionally or not... Trump has taken the civil rights movement back 40 years.

So do I have a point?  I do.

Sadly, there is only one person who can stop this movement.  These people won't listen to the media; Trump has convinced them they are the enemy of the people and everything they say is a lie.  They won't listen to the experts;  anyone who contradicts Trump is called a traitor, a Never Trumper.  To them, he is a cult leader.

If Trump were to stand up to them.... to attack them the same way and with the same vigor he he directs toward the "son of a bitch" football players,  "thug ANTIFA" protesters, and his other dark skinned villains, they would listen.  They would stop.  

But he won't.  That's not who Trump is.

Which brings us to one realization.   This movement has started changes, but it will not be successful.  Until we have someone in the White House who believes that they do, then Black Lives will not matter.  6 months ago the idea of this pandemic was unfathomable.  6 weeks ago the thought of the Black Lives Matter accomplishing what it has and causing the changes it has were just as unimaginable.  Unless we, as a country, rise up... not just some of us, but all of us... and send these hate groups back into the shadows they slunk out of, we will find ourselves in the same spot we are with the Pandemic and the protests.  Wondering... how did this happen?  These monsters are rising.  They are organizing, and they are doing so right out in the open.  And as we are seeing, they have intentions far more sinister than the ANTIFA tales Trump and  Barr are feeding us.  These are predominantly armed militants, and they want to start a legitimate civil war.  The violence is coming, and if we don't stop it... as a country.... people will die.

We have to force Trump to take on this particular dragon, weather he wants to or not.  And if he won't... we need to vote him out in November.  Every one of our voices matters, and we all need to make them heard.  This could very well be the most crucial moment in our young nation's history; this is the benchmark moment where we, as Americans, decide who, in this new age of information, who we will become in the next stage of our evolution.

So... who do you want us to be?

Join the movement.


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