Reagan Vs. Trump

The Anonymous Attack on Our President

Who exactly is this Anonymous, anyway?  Yeah, I saw the big fuss today.  It's been trending on Twitter all day.  I've heard of them.... some sort of hacking group.  Consider themselves to be revolutionists of a sort.  And after a bit of research, it appears that they are, indeed.  A regular Robin Hood of hacker communities.  Anonymous has taken on countless corporations and governments.  They have helped to bring criminals to justice.  And their track record of accuracy is stunning.

It's even safe to say they are decidedly non partisan, much as some have tried to label them.  Their attacks have fallen on all spokes of the political wheel.

And, after a period of dormancy, Anonymous has returned.  Cyber attacks on the Minnesota law enforcement agencies and threats to reveal systematic corruption amidst nation wide riots centered there.  

But more importantly, they have come back and attacked our president, risking tarnishing that record of accuracy to volley accusations at him.  Insinuating that his ties to Jeffery Epstein are deeper and far more sinister than we thought.  We know this to be untrue.  How?  Because he told us so.  And our President may be alot of things, but a liar is not one of them.  

And yes, they may have released verified court documents.  

This is what the media is making a big stink about.  Apparently Michael Cohen, on top of his duty as designated negotiator of shutting porn stars Trump slept with up, also negotiated similar agreements with a number of then underage individuals.  That and some about he and Epstein threatening the lives of her and her family if she were to speak in public or to the authorities.

Have we forgotter the concept of "Innocent until proven guilty" in this country?  

First:  Just because a settlement has been reached does not mean there is proof of any wrong doing.  Just as accusations of sexual misconduct do not guarantee guilt.  Mose than 20 women.... that the public knows of.... have come forward over the years to accuse our President of sexual misconduct.  Some have even claimed he raped them.  And of course, we also know every one of those accusations to be untrue.  How?  Again, he told us so.

I understand the Me Too movement.  But taking it to our President is too far.  The real victim in this story is him.  How many of these women.... and now, it turns out, children.... have taken a place in line for one of these paychecks?  These people steal validity from the real victims out there.  But many will follow the left wing television lynch mob, and out of simple irrational democrat hyped hatred,  choose to believe things we KNOW to be untrue.  

You have to wonder what is motivating the unknown folks at Anonymous.  As our president is in the midst of leading us through this horrible Chinese creation of a Pandemic in heroic fashion, they choose now?  Makes you wonder how much input Democrats had in the timing of this, doesn't it?  

Just as they simultaneously attack the Minnesota police, who are as we speak protecting helpless American citizens from the left wing Antifa led hordes.   

Hiding behind the name "revolutionary" does not make Anonymous anything of the sort.  This is just another left wing hoax.  Just like Russia, Ukraine, and the caronavirus.  Now, with every other hoax shot down... they just bring out a bunch of liars to accuse out president of being a rapist and a child molester.  Are there no depths to which these infidels won't sink?

Author's Note:  If at any point, while reading this, you nodded your head in agreement, or in any other manner or form, you are personally everything that is wrong with this country.  That more than 40% of Americans feel this way is terrifying.