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Russia Paid Taliban Troops To Kill Americans.... And Trump Knew In March

We've all seen the story by now;  Russian intelligence officers from a unit known as "29155" have, for the last 2-3 years, been offering bounties on the heads of American and coalition troops.  You read it right: Russian officials have been paying Taliban Troops to kill American soldiers.

While Russian officials of course denied these accusations initially, details and evidence have begun to come out.... and hard as it may be to believe... it may be worse than it looks.

On Saturday, EU intelligence officials released nearly 3 dozen recordings of said Russian officers offering... and paying these bounties.  In one of the recordings,  Maj. Gen. Anatoliy Lyutenkov congratulates a Taliban on their 100th succesful "Amerikill"... that's right, they have a word for it.

While of course the White House and Donald Trump have of course remained quiet.... We all realize by now that Under Trump American Policy is "Putin is always right.".....  Putin himself made a statement in an interview on Russian State Television just hours ago:

When the Russian reporter asked Putin if the story was true,  he responded with only two words:  "Of Course."  When asked if he fears American repercussions or further sanctions, he actually laughed.

"America knows not to question Russian sovereignty.  Their president is an ally to Russia and an ally to me.  There will be no retaliation.  And sanctions?  Do we not see that the majority of  sanctions were lifted 2 years ago?"

And as if his mockery were not enough, two seperate White House officials confirmed the story on the Sunday news show rounds, verifying that the President and Vice President were briefed about this matter more that 3 months ago.  

Funny that we're just hearing it now.... and how has Trump not responded?  

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