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Reddit And Twitch Ban Trump

It took three years, but social media appears to be rising up against Donald Trump.  

Reddit this morning banned more than 2,000 Subreddits, including the largest Subreddit on the Reddit site, The_Donald.  More than 800,000 Trump followers were following The_Donald.  

The same morning fellow Social Media site Twitch also banned Trump's page.

Both Reddit and Twitch pointed to a drastically increasing amount of Racist, right wing White Pride propaganda.

This follows Facebook and Twitter beginning to label any posts of the President's that include the promoting of racism or hate speech, which sadly have become all too common in his posts.

The Reddit page had become a gathering place of sorts for countless White Pride, Racist, and even Nazi Conservative groups.

Some on the right are saying this is an attempt by Silicon Valley to "Censor" the president.  A significant number of the President's followers have, however come out to criticize him.

Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Trump's biggest supporters, said Monday that "The President needs to remember that he speaks for a nation.  When the message he spreads is one of hate and racism, he can't expect the American Public to sit silent.  This is just a reflection of that."

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