Reagan Vs. Trump

People Are Changing Their Profile Image To This In Protest

How quickly things change.  The accusations issued by John Bolton in his new book... It's hard to label a man who is the textbook definition of "Conservative" as an anti-Trumper, isn't it?.... very much paint our President as a dictator.

Throw in his hideously poor handling of the Black Lives Matter Protests, the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and his willingness to stage a massive ego stroking rally in a COVID-19 Hot spot, downplaying the risks while forcing those who wish to attend to agree not to sue him if and when they get sick... Here is a President willing to sacrifice the lives of even his followers to feed his ego.

That sounds like the textbook definition of a dictator.   To make their feelings known in the online world, people are changing their profile pictures to this... a famous piece by the famous street artist Banksy.

Trump has already melted down twice over the image... once on Twitter, once on Fox.... Truth tends to strike a nerve with our president.  

Feel free to copy the image above, or find one of your own.  Every chance we have to make our voice heard is a chance to make a difference.  Use your profile image to speak.  Tweet #Trumpocracy.  Make him hear us.