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NFL Officially Cancels 2020 Season

With a number of NFL Teams announcing this week that players and employees have tested positive for the COVID-19, Commissioner Roger Goodell  announced in a statement Sunday morning that the NFL will, for the time being, be cancelling the 2020 season.

Said Goodell:

"More than 40 players and staff have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus in just the last week.  There are many factors that had to be considered with a decision where the lives of the members of the NFL family, along with their families, are at risk.  Football is a game of physical contact.  Regardless of how many precautions we take, the simple truth is there is no way we can ensure the safety of our employees under these conditions.  Therefore after conferring with both owners and the NFL Players Association, we have temporarily suspended the 2020 NFL season.  We will, of course, reevaluate if conditions change, but for the time being we have to act in the best interest of all involved."

Some European soccer leagues have already begun play wirh no fans present, and the NBA is planning to re open in a limited capacity next month;  it is not known if the recent reemergence of COVID-19 will change those plans.