Reagan Vs. Trump

Judge Orders Recordings Of Trump/Putin Calls Be Made Public

With all of the news exploding all over the world; global protests, a pandemic, republicans taking their crack at the whole hearing routing, the biggest news story of all of them all may have dropped Monday morning with an initial whisper.

Just as George Young and COVID-19 would have meant nothing to you a year ago,  The name Austin Evers most likely doesn't now.  It soon will.  Evers is not unknown now; he is the Executive director of ethincs watchdog group American Oversight

American Oversight is a group of lawyers who has gained some notoriety recently from a series of Freedom of Information Act motions against the White House.  A Freedom of Information act is a demand by US citizens for records which are legally public record.  The have exposed a number of things the Trump administration  Had tried to, shall we say... subtle?

Austin Evers and American Oversight have apparently won another Freedom Of Information Act motion, and this one is a doozy.  

Late Friday afternoon Hon. James Vic Rosarian.... a Trump nominated federal judge, ordered that nearly 3,000 pages of documents including work product from the Mueller Probe, but the biggest nugget appears to be an order that recordings of 7 phone calls between Donald Trump and Vladamir Putin.

American Oversight said in a press release Monday morning that their priority is for these recording "to be made available to the American public as soon as possible" But that after listening to the recordings some time was needed "to make several intelligence agencies aware of the contents"

The spokesman revealed nothing specific as to the contents, simply ended the statement with four cryptic and loaded words.... "This will change Everything."