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Conservative Militia Group Takes Credit For 2 Black Men Hung From Trees In California

It was probably inevitable.  For three weeks, Americans have taken to the streets in protest; what looked initially to be a knee jerk reaction to yet another black man dying at the hands of police is on the verge of becoming a full blown world wide revolution.

And while most of us are aghast at the reality of what our indifference has bred, the reality is racism, while not predominant, is real.  There are people in this great country of ours who are straight out racists.  And as we watch events unfold around us, we are seeing that it is far more widespread than most of us would like to admit to ourselves.

Many have continued to downplay this fact, but events this weekend have made it impossible for us as a people to ignore this fact any more.

The two men pictured above are Robert Fuller and Malcolm Harsch.  They ate both dead.  Both were found hung by the neck from trees.

You didn't read that wrong.  And if, as you read that,  it occurred to you that there was a time in this country when white people hanging black people from trees was a fairly common practice... them you're probably starting to understand the significance here.

Initially, local authorities ruled Robert Fuller's death a suicide, attributed to COVID-19 related depression, a theory that Fuller's friends and family claim is foolish.  He was described as a vibrant young man.  It was made apparent quickly that this conclusion was made by authorities with virtually no investigation to corroborate the findings.

Throw in two other facts..... that no ladder or any other device was found at the scene that would have helped Fuller achieve this hanging alone;  he would literally have had to climb the tree,  string himself up, and jump, and the fact that just days before is neighboring San Bernadino County, Harsch was discovered in near identical circumstances.

One can easily see the optics here, and why speculation is rampant.  But Sunday night the speculation was rendered pointless.

In a five page statement released on various social media sites, a conservative militant group known as The 3% took credit for both deaths.

The statement was littered with racist slurs, white nationalist propaganda, and claims that there will be more casualties if "The rights to a peaceful life for white Americans continues to be threatened."  This, the statement claims, is the "New Conservative States Of America"


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