Black Officer Killed By ANTIFA

The gentleman in the image above is... or rather, was... Patrick Underwood.  Patrick was a federal officer shot and killed in the midst of the "Black Lives Matter" Protests in Oakland several weeks ago.

Underwood was targeted because he was a law enforcement officer.  This was made abundantly clear by DHS, who issued a statement immediately stating such.  While most of the Black Lives Matter Protesters have, over the weeks, been peaceful, there have been fringe groups involved as well.  

There was looting.  There were fires.  Many businesses, a significant number of which were owned by members of the black community itself, were destroyed.  Reports of ANTIFA rioters were common.

Even President Trump had this tragic killing in his sights, tweeting no fewer than a dozen times about it.  While many of the protesters may have been peaceful, these ANTIFA terrorists were not a part of those protests.  And it wasn't just President Trump.  The White House as a whole has, since this tragedy, made the death of Underwood something of a rallying cry.  Kept the eyes of America on the shooting.... as they should.  William Barr has spoken firmly about acts of ANTIFA terrorism such as this.  Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump Jr., Senators like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz have all been a part of keeping our eyes on this tragedy.

And now the members of this black terrorist group have been arrested.

But wait... these ANTIFA soldiers look alot like... white people.  Why, they aren't black at all!  In fact, it turns out... get this... they aren't members of ANTIFA at all!

No, in fact the fine people on this side are actually members of a different group altogether!  A group called... get this... the "Boogaloo Bois".

And who exactly are the Boogaloo Bois?  A far right wing group that is, in some ways, very similar to ANTIFA, in the sense that there is no established organization.  The group's beliefs are steeped in hatred, violence, racism, and extreme conservative beliefs.  

And the fine people on this side have been busy; arrests have been made in more than a dozen states during the Black Lives Matter protests, all with a common theme; the Boogaloo Bois are using the protests as a shield to commit acts of violence, many upon police, many on protesters themselves.  And they have, at every step of the way, attempted to blame the Black Lives Matter Protesters.

Yes, you're reading that correctly.  Racist white hate groups across the country are responsible for a significant amount of the damage that has been done.  That's not to say we should focus the blame onto them.  To take the president's infamous quote and twist it a bit... There are very bad people on both sides.  The millions of Americans who have lined our streets in protest of systemic racism are not the same as the ones who are burning things down.  Yes, there are some black people who are just trying to set the world on fire.  Not many, and after that first wave, they are a tiny minority.  The reality is that there is a small grain of truth in what the president and his followers claim.  The people running from looted stores with boxes of Nikes were not standing up for Black Lives Matter; they were just stealing shoes.

The issue no one seems to see here, however, is this.  For weeks, Trump Tweeted and spoke out about the killing of Patrick Underwood.  Regurgitated a number of propagandist views on his death.  But since the day we found out it wasn't black ANTIFA members who killed him, but rather white nationalist racist hate group members.... and yes, avowed Trump supporters... not a peep.  Not one word.  Not from Trump, not from Barr... although both are still quite vocal about ANTIFA and black folks supposedly raising hell... he even blamed them for the lack of attendees at his rally.... not from Kayleigh or Kellyanne or Jim Jordan or any of the rest.

The sad, horrific truth is this.., our republican leaders are ready to send the lynch mobs and crucify anyone who dares to commit these acts... just as long as they are black.  White offenders?  That's apparently just fine.

The Black Lives Matter movement has now become one of the most important in our lifetimes.  But the simple truth is this;  If we want it to be true.... if we want black lives to truly matter... we need leaders to believe they do.  And the actions of our republican leaders have clearly shown they do not.

The true battlefield in this was is, today, the streets.  And, to a similar degree, the internet.  But the battle that matters most is still to come.  That battle will be fought in November at the ballots.  All of the protests in the world won't matter if we do not all protest in the most American of ways... by voting these racist figureheads out in November.


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