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Arrest Warrant Issued For President Trump

A warrant had been issued for the president of the United Iran.  Tehran prosecutor Ali Alqasimehr said Monday morning that Trump, along with 30 "co-conspirators" in the January 3rd killing on General Qassem Soleimani, must "face murder and terrorism" charges for the unlawful killing of the General.

The Iranian government also released more than 400 pages of documents and recorded phone conversations which they say proves that Trumps justification of the killing.... you may remember he and a number of his staff stated unequivocally that the drone bombing was based on intelligence that Soleimani was planning an "imminent attack" on American Soldiers.

This sounds, initially, like standard propaganda.  Or it did, until Interpol became involved just hours later.  Iran officially asked for assistance from the international law enforcement agency in arresting Trump... again, seemingly standard propaganda, but then Interpol sent shock waves into the international community by issuing the following:

"Our agency was contacted by agents of the Iranian government, and while the first inclination was to dismiss, after reviewing the evidence provided, there appear to be discrepancies in the United States' justification for the attack.  Further investigation, if fact, appears to point to a number of falsehoods issued to the public.  The level of what appears to be a conspiracy, and the number of individuals involved, may in fact, qualify as actual war crimes."

While the level of Interpol's ability to enforce any such decisions is questionable, the rest of the world remains in cue as we all wait to see where this story will lead.

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