An Angry Rebublican Explains Why Trump Can't Win

I voted for Donald Trump in 2016.  And unlike some seem to have begun doing of late, I offer no apology for doing so.  I am a rarity in today's United States.  A realist.  I see the world as it really is, not as our friendly neighborhood propaganda outlets- CNN, MSNBC, and yes... even Fox News.... tell me to.  I am a proud lifelong conservative republican, but that isn't why I voted for Trump.  There are a lot of republicans in D.C. who I would never in life vote for.  Jim Jordan.  Matt Gaetz.  Mitch McConnel.  I learned my conservative beliefs in the age of Reagan.  I have studied them over half my life.  And I promise you if Reagan were alive he would line these guys and their ilk up in a row and walk right down the row and bitch slap them one after another.

No, I voted for The Donald because I looked around at our country and realized he was absolutely the right man for the job of running these United States of America.  Here's why.

!.  Trump is a good man.

If you agreed with that sentence as you read it in any way, shape, or form,  stop reading now.  You're either a f*cking moron or an absolute *sshole.  

Donald Trump is a low life.  He has absolutely no moral compass whatsoever.  Aside from what's in the video, I mean come on.  The guy cheats on his wife with porn stars.  He's a notorious racist.  Possibly the most arrogant, self absorbed *sshole on the planet.  But America as a whole just could not have cared less.  He didn't just carry the republicans, he landslided the religious right.  That's right, the bible thumpers love them some Trump.  Porn stars and all.  And this is something I've known for years.  Morality in a president?  That's just so 1984.  Bush lied to us to start a war.  Clinton got Lewinsky'd in the oval office.  They all lied to us about Afghanistan.  And here's a pill.... this country is a reflection of it's leader... and vice versa.  

I don't agree with some of what he said. but the gist is very true.   And knowing this, I decided that morals just weren't part of the decision.  Not for  today's America.  So if it wasn't his strong moral character that earned Trump my vote, it must have been the fact that...

He is a highly successful businessman.

And that answer is also a no... with laughter.  The man has gone bankrupt 6 times.  The list of products of his that have failed horribly includes vodka, bottled water, about 9 thousand damn casinos, board games, and the legendary Trump University.  Everything he touches turns to shit.  If not for Daddy Fred's money... we would't even know who Trump was anymore.  He'd be doing the reality show circuit instead of starring on one.  The man has, in his life, lost more money than anyone in history.  That's not even an exaggeration.  He has literally lost billions of dollars.  So... not because he's a great guy, or because he's a good businessman.  I must have voted because, to quote many of his supporters...

Trump Says It Like It Is.

I laugh when I hear this one, too.  Trump is as full of shit as anyone I have ever seen or met in my life.  Hell, he's not even a real republican.  He has changed his party no fewer than 5 times.  From 2001 to 2009, he registered as a democrat.  (Bet you hardcore Trumpies didn't know that)  Trump is whatever suits his own personal agenda at the moment.  He doesn't have beliefs, he has reactions, and they are only based on what's good for him.  And here's another reality... he lies.  Maybe not as much as the left tells us, but far more than half the time.  Remember this?  

He rode that one right into the White House, didn't he?  But here's the thing... that was an utter line of shit from the first time it came out of his mouth.  If you know literally anything at all about geopolitics... the politics of the world... then you know that is among the stupidest things he's pushed on us.  There was absolutely no scenario where Mexico was ever going to pay a penny for that wall.  He may as well have said he's going to build an Eiffel Tower in Iowa and France is going to pay for it.  But it made a hell of a campaign slogan, didn't it?  Trump doesn't care about politics or truth; he is the ultimate reactionary.  He says whatever it takes to survive the moment; the ultimate used car salesman.  So... with all of that out there...  I must have voted for him because.... 

 He is the greatest negotiator in the history of mankind.

While this was one of the things I considered,  it bears mentioning that we have learned over the last 3 years that this is just another load of shit.  Oh, I'm sure he believed it when he told us so in 2016.  But what we have seen since is that it's simply not the case.  When it comes to negotiating, Trump is a one trick pony.  First he will try to bulldoze you.  Then he will try to sue you.  After that?  He will call you names like an 8 year old.  That's it.  He no doubt thought it was as simple as that coming in.... in the business world, he with the biggest d*ck wins.  And with Daddy's money and legal team in tow, Trump went into virtually negotiation assured of victory.  The only time he was ever able to come out on top on his own was when he threw ethics right out the window.  

That's right.... Trump used the Gulf War he spent so much time criticizing as a loophole to save a few million bucks.  As we've seen, his "style" has been worthless in the white house.  He was ok when bullying worked... like with the UN.  But dictators actoss the globe have made a mockery of him.  Sorry, Don, they don't have ethics either.

So now... the question.  With all that being said.... why did I vote for him?  That's easy.  Trump is the ultimate self promoter.  The ultimate hustler.  Who better to lead a country with very few morals left from the middle of the pack where it had sunk to?  Was he unethical?  God, yes.  Would he push the boundaries?  Damn straight.  But I had a great deal of faith in our system of checks and balances.  I figured that if he strayed too far, there would be grownups in the room to steer him straight.  And lastly... the alternative was Hillary.... quite possibly the only politician on earth more corrupt than Trump.

Now here's where I piss off some of our liberal brothers and sisters.  I was right, to some degree.  For three years, the economy thrived.  Trump was what Trump was.  He played everything off the cuff.  Many times he made it up as he went.  He made whatever promise he had to to keep his high ground footing and sorted the details later.  He gambled.  Some of those gambles he won, some he lost.  Did he cross lines with Russia and Ukraine?  Very much so.  But here's another reality check:  For the most part, he was within the law.  Unethical?  Oh yes.  But one valuable lesson we learned under Trump is that the position of president doesn't have any rules.  Lots of suggestions, a ton of recommendations, but no concrete rules... just so long as you have a Senate majority who you turn into your bitches.

We would have sorted those things out over time... people forget just what a young country we really are sometimes.  As long as the country kept thriving financially, we would have continued to forgive and forget anything Trump did.  Because in this world... Trump really was the right man to lead this country... just as long as we didn't need him to be an actual president.

And then came 2020.  Make no mistake.... were it not for COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, Donald Trump would have cruised to a 2nd term.

But this pandemic... and the protests... exposed him.  There is a certain skill set needed to lead a country through something of this scale.  You need to be a leader.  Not a dictator. You need to take charge.  Take responsibility.  Understand the needs of the country you lead.  Trump has none of these.

His biggest weakness is the fact that he can't see past the end of his own nose.  The world revolves around him.  The Supreme Court makes a choice he doesn't like, he tells us it's because they don't like him.  He thinks people are wearing masks for no other reason than to hurt him.  He wants less COVID testing because more cases make HIM look bad, and damn the fact that he's killing Americans.  He tells us testing is unnecessary, but just for us... He and everyone around him are tested daily.  Apparently what's good for the king is just for the king, not the masses.  His handling of this pandemic has possibly been the worst example of leadership since we were drawing on cave walls.

And for the love of God, if you're considering leaving a comment about how he saved millions of lives by shutting the border to China... You can go ahead and f*ck off.  Before we give him credit for closing a border, let's remember that Trump wants to shut borders every time some one farts.  It's literally his first reaction to everything.  And there are 2 huge holes in that argument.  One, he didn't actually close the damn border to China.  In the 3 months after he did... 40,000 people flew into America from China.  That little travel ban of his had more loopholes for businessmen than his tax cuts.  And don't spout off the other Fox News talking point,  either.   "If he had done nothing millions would have died."  That's true.  If we had not taken one step to do anything, millions would have died.  But that's as stupid as it is unrealistic.  Had he done that his own party would have turned on him in a day, as would all but the most die hard Trumpies.  That's like saying he saved millions by not requiring us to all drink bleach.  While technically true, it's still just f*cking stupid.  If you spout that one you're a prime candidate for an attack of Darwinism.

And he has done exactly what he did for three years... telling us whatever he has to to keep people clapping and buy him enough time to figure out his next move.  We learned another crucial lesson during this pandemic;  a third of this country is on some ride or die shit with Trump.  They follow him with unabashed and unconditional loyalty.  They treat his every word like doctrine.  If he says it, they unconditionally believe it.   So when he spends months telling them that COVID-19 is no big deal, they believe him.  So when he tells us that wearing a mask is done as an attack on him.... when he mocks reporters and Joe Biden for wearing them... A third of Americans are right there with him.  He screamed and hollered at states to open up... long before it was safe.  And of course, those Governors who, like the Senate, are his bitches, fell all over themselves to do just that.  And now look around.  Florida and Texas... both run by Trump's bitches, threw those doors wide open.  And now look at them.  Just a month after they opened those doors.... we realized that soon as they did.... COVID went bat shit.  (pun only sort of intended)  I mean hell... who could've seen that coming?

I said to begin this rant that I would tell you in the end why Trump can't win.  First reason... his handling of COVID.  Those states he pushed into opening look an awful lot like New York did a few months ago now, don't they?  They are, in fact, worse.  In New York they were scared.... as they should have been.  Have you seen the numbers?  2.5 MILLION cases.  They're projecting 200,000 deaths before summer is over.  This has grown to the point where we're all at risk.  And even as Americans die by the thousands... hell, tens of thousands... he's still out there sticking to his guns.  It's easy to ride with him, flaunting your unwillingness to be safe when you're living somewhere it hasn't hit.  When you start seeing people you know die, you suddenly realize that he has bullshitted his way through all of this... not concerned for anything but himself.  The biggest blow from his handling of COVID may be a subtle one.... but one that, on it's own could cost him the election.  You know who's been hit hardest by this thing?  Old people.  And don't for one moment think they don't know it.  Trump is single handedly responsible for a great deal of this thing spreading the way it is.  Everyone opening too early, people refusing to wear masks... that shit is on him.  He'd argue, telling you people are responsible for their own choices.  And while that's partially true.... the reality is when the most powerful man on earth tells people it's ok, no need to be safe... they listen.  He's the President!  And what he's doing is playing fast and loose with their lives.  Every person walking around with no mask is a timebomb to every old person.  He won't lose all of them, but if Biden wins that segment... and if the election was today he would comfortably... Trump can't win.

And then there is the Black Lives Matter movement.  I won't spend a great deal of time on this subject;  I said what I had to say here.

A Guide To The Protests For White People

To say that Trump has handled this horribly is an understatement.  We won't even get into the fact that the man stokes racism, or discuss every impossibly bad choice he has made.  We'll look at this just from the perspective of the election.

When this movement began, it was not about Trump.  It was about police killing black people.  But by stoking the flames... calling the protesters every name in the book.... downplaying all of their concerns, assuming the role of head of this ridiculous fight to save statues of racist slave owners.... Attacking them but making excuses when armed white militia members stormed the capitol in Michigan because they wanted to go to the bas and get their hair done....he has made himself the focal point.  He has declared war on everything these protests stand for, and on the protesters themselves.

In a moment of cultural upheaval, as the beginning of what will one day be known as a revolution, this is who Trump showed himself to be.

And what does this mean in terms of the election?  It means that Trump has, in one fell swoop, alienated himself to the two fastest growing groups of voters in America; Minorities and Youth.  Does anyone remember a guy named Obama?  He won in 2008 in large part because his campaign was able to mobilize minority and young voters.  And that was during a fairly peaceful time.  That is going to seem like a small splash compared to this wave.

The truth is this... there is only one way Trump could possibly win in 2020.  Even with the assistance of the foreign countries he has enlisted... even with his daughter owning a good portion of the voting machines... it's true, look it up.... Trump will not win. 

To do so, he would have to find a way to bring our country together.  He will not.  He has made his positions and feelings crystal clear, and showed an utter lack of understanding. (Telling us, for example, that George Floyd is looking down and happy because white unemployment is down).  Trump can't help what he is.... a racist and a bully.

He also has opportunities with COVID, but he isn't going to change his stance here, either.  He will continue to lie, he will continue to fail, and Americans will continue to die.

He is, as we speak. trying to duplicate 2016.  But he can't.  We live in a different world than we did 6 months ago.  He can't beat Joe Biden the same way he did Hillary.  People hated Hillary.  They don''t hate Joe.  Joe is just a nice damn guy.  

  Joe may not be someone I want as president, but he will at least be A president.  Trump was in attack mode on Hillary.  That won't work with Biden.  And Trump knows it... it's why he's not attacking him the same way, focusing instead to try to convince people that he is a "puppet of the far left".  and calling him old.. (If you're nodding along loke a fool to those commercials, please take 20 seconds to Google HOW OLD ARE TRUMP AND BIDEN) I watched him blast biden for putting together a committee... with other democrats from all points on the spectrum, to keep him up on what his party needs.  For the love of God... that''s what a president is supposed to do!  The President is supposed to represent and speak for the people he serves!  If only we had one of those now... think how many less dead Americans we would have!

The truth is, this election is over.  And I submit that Donald Trump knows it.   Look at his recent actions.  There is no way he doesn't know that the things he's doing are killing his electability.  He sees the polls.  He saw the "crowd" in Tulsa.  The MAGA movement will not win this election.  Look at the firing of the SDNY lawyer.  Trump knows he is on his way out the door, and he is taking steps to prepare, because he may be in some trouble when he loses.

I am a proud Republican.  I pray that other republicans open their eyes, and learn from the mistakes we made with Trump.  Under his watch, America has changed.  Like the clip up there says... this is not the greatest country on earth any more.  I served 8 years in the United States Army, and I saw combat.  I fought for this country.  And what I see around me is not the America I fought for.  In the America I fought for, we respected one another.  We were a nation built on compromise.  We understood that this two party system worked because we all understood that in most cases, the truth lies somewhere between our opposite points of view.  And we worked together as a country to find those truths.  We didn't hate each other because we had different opinions or beliefs.  We understood that what made America great was that diversity.  

What I see today breaks my heart.  I see people fighting to not wear masks.... and those people do not understand what it really means to be an American.  We don't wear those masks to protect ourselves... we wear them to protect our fellow Americans.  You may feel fine... and still be carrying the virus.  But while you're at Wal Mart without your mask, you could very will infect others.  Who will spread it as well.  And the Grandparents and Parents and Brothers and Sisters who do die... they may not be your family, but they are someone's.  And they are Americans.  Should they have to shoulder that burden because you are too selfish and arrogant to shoulder the minor burden of wearing a mask?  The rights you scram about when justifying this... I earned those rights.  I fought for your rights.  But those rights are rights we all earned by being Americans.  By looking out for each other.  One nation, Under God, indivisible.  Those aren't just words, dammit.  We have those rights because we earn them by deserving them.  If you're refusing to wear that mask... and willingly risking the lives of fellow Americans....who have the same damn rights you do.... then you don't deserve those rights.  You damn sure haven't earned them.  Following the self centered, self righteous wanna be dictator in the White House doesn't make you patriotic.  Nor does not wearing the mask.  It just makes you an *sshole.

Take a look around, my friends.  Democrats and Republicans alike. Far left, far right.  This is a pivotal moment in history.  The dawning of a revolution, at the beginning of the age of information.  And if you look on a global scale, you'll see that this is the next major event in human evolution.  This is a moment in time where we all decide just who we want to be as a country.  Together we stand, divided we fall.  Like the man said... America isn't the greatest country in the world any more.  But we could be again.

The only way that happens is if we rise together.  


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