All Hail King Trump

We all saw what happened today.  But in our rapid cycle of news, where we all have a memory like Dory, we may all have witnessed something so obvious that many of us just simply missed it, myself included.

Normally I tend to be long winded, but this will simply be short and concise; there is no need for prose… this stands and speaks on its own.

This morning, our President went on the attack against the Governors of America.  He told them they were weak, and they needed to call in the military and “dominate” the protesters.  His word, and he repeated it again and again.

Did it sound a bit…. Dictator-ish?  It did.  But he does that sometimes.  Trump tends to bluster and be loud.  And had it ended there, it would, like much of his blustering, faded into the news as his next rant inevitably sprayed across Twitter.

But this afternoon, in one of the most horrific and morbid moments I have ever witnessed in this great country of ours…. And don’t start with the Never Trumper crap.  I voted for Trump.  Had you asked me a year ago, I’d have told you he’s an arrogant ass with no respect for rules… and a hell pf a president.  I am as Republican as can be.

But today, as Trump gave an impromptu speech in the Rose Garden, telling us all that he is an ally of peaceful protesters…. He ordered what amounted to a military strike against against those peaceful protesters.  I mean full bore.  Police.  Secret Service.  Soldiers.  Some on Horseback, all in riot gear.  The attack was harsh and it was fast.  There was tear gas, Pepper spray, and rubber bullets.

And it literally began, on cue, as the President began talking about it.  Planned with such precision that his speech ended with it.  Bear in mind,  these were NOT the criminals we’ve all seen looting and burning.  These were Americans doing the most American of things… peacefully protesting oppression.  And why was this necessary?  So that Trump could puff his chest out and strut through what he perceived as his battlefield.  Right across the park to a church that had been set ablaze the night before.

Trump didn’t inspect the damage.  He barely looked up at the church at all.  At no point did he mention the man murdered by Minnesota police.  No consolation for the family.  Not even an attempt at calming words for a nation…. The nation HE is president of… ripping itself to shreds around him.  Only a few mumbled talking points about our country being great and bouncing back as he awkwardly looked at the bible he held out like a first grader at show and tell.  

In short, this was a well choreographed photo op.  He and his minions literally spent more time preening and posing for pictures than he spent talking.

In short, our president staged all of this as a propaganda piece.  A campaign ad.  And sicked his military on Americans to do so.  And then, in a small attempt at a formal procession, he led them, out front, strutting (It oddly made me think of Vince McMahon’s strut), his minions flanking him on the rear, heroically crossing his manufactured battlefield.  It was ludicrous, and it was horrible.

That’s what we all saw.  And as disgusted as I was by what I had seen…. And the realization that I had seen it before…. You know who does stuff like this all the time?  Dictators.  Putin and Kin Jong Un parading around on horses. Putin with his shirt off.  They do this constantly; staged heroic “poster” moments.  I swear it’s on page two of the dictator’s handbook.

But all of that… is what we did see.  And had it ended here… it still might have faded.  But then I saw a smaller news story…. And as I read it, I literally lost my breath.  Like when you get hit in the chest.

This morning…. Moments before he started berating the governors to “dominate”, our president had himself a nice long chat with one Vladimir Putin.

That’s it.  You can feed yourself all of the BS you want.  Our president spends part of his morning on the phone with his buddy Vlad and then runs around playing dictator all day.  You want to grasp at whichever conspiracy tale Hannity and Tucker offer up tomorrow and just keep pretending, knock yourself out.  But as you do, your president is literally working with our biggest enemy to rip our country apart.  Go ahead and cry coincidence.  But this was one too many coincidences for me.  I ignored and made excuses for “great people on both sides”  and “I don’t see any reason it would be Russia” and the whole damn Ukraine deal.  I have watched as  Trump fumbled around like a bull in a china shop.  (Yeah, pun intended) through this Carona ordeal.  But now…. All of the things I thought people were just paranoid conspiracy pushers for… now I wonder.  How much of your failures in protecting your people was just “Trump being Trump” and how much of it was “Trump being Putin’s Puppet?”  I hate that this feels like a “6th Sense” moment.  But as I look back… anyone who disagrees with you you call a traitor.  Any news that disagrees with you is fake.  The press…. Other than your allies, are “the enemy of the people”.  You fire anyone who investigates you or your minions.  I mean, come on.  How in the hell have we missed this?  Trump is trying to build himself a dictatorship.  He is a master of propaganda.  He tells us to be brave, to be soldiers, to open America up.  He tells us tests aren't necessary.  He refuses to wear masks.  Yet in private, he and everyone around him are tested constantly.  People around him now wear masks.  Good enough for the king, apparently, but not necessary for the peons.  I hate that I was so fooled, and by a man whos guides are Putin and 1984.  I just pray November gets here before he pulls us past the point of no return. 

This is a moment in time where we, as a country, decide who we now are. I will no longer be a lemming.  I will not follow a fool into hell.