First White House Aide Dies Of COVID-19

     There was a great deal of fuss just weeks ago when 3 active White House staff members tested positive for the COVID-19 caronavirus, including Mike Pence press secretary Katie Miller, the President's military valet, and a number of members of the Secret Service.

     Things appear to have gone from bad to worse Friday morning as the first COVID-19 fatality appears to have struck within the walls of the white house.

     Hayley D’Antuono, Special Assistant to the President and Director of Operations for the Office of the First Lady, reportedly died Tuesday evening of COVID-19 related complications.  

     Her death was not made public by the White House until the information leaked late Friday amidst the chaus of the riots; in a brief statement Friday morning it was explained that this was "In the interest of protecting the family's privacy."

     D'Antuono was in daily face to face contact with First Lady Melania Trump and less frequently with the President himself, but according to the White House statement "Both the President and First Lady continue to be tested daily for the virus, and both remain in perfect health."