Whistle-blower Who Started Impeachment Found Dead

It's hard to even give a second thought to any news that is not related to the COVID-19 Pandemic in today's world;  We all saw the Nation's response when President Trump and William Barr announced they would be using the military to ensure that Central American Cartels would not take hold.  The entire nation issued one collective "Meh."  It wasn't much different when they informed us that Iran was allegedly planning an attack on our troops.  In this new Corona world,   It's hard for people to see much else.

But Saturday morning a story broke that has people distracted at least for a few hours as social media has exploded with it.

Eric Ciamarella.   The name won't mean much to you unless you're a genuine news hound, but when you remember who he was, you'll understand why the fuss. 

Eric Ciamarella was the Whistle Blower who started the entire Ukraine/Impeachment by reporting Donald Trump's call with Ukrainian President Vlodymyr Zelensky,

Ciamarella was found dead early Friday morning at his parents' Connecticut home where he has been in hiding since before the Impeachment began.  In an odd twist, his death was reported as a COVID-19 related death initially, until his mother took to Twitter and did an interview with WSFB Eyewitness News, informing them in a dynamic, tearful quote that "Unless the Coronavirus uses a a gun with bullets, it had nothing to do with my son's death."

As you might imagine, conspiracy theorists are running wild with this, but as of now the only official statement with regard to his death does in fact list him as a casualty of COVID-19.