Chinese National Reveals The Terrifying Truth Behind COVID-19

Zaosong Zheng is a name you have no doubt never heard.  But by the end of next week. the name will become as much a part of cultural vernacular as COVID-19 now has.

Zheng, a chinese national, was part of a story that wasn't much more than a blip on the media radar when he was arrested at Logan International Airport in Boston attempting to smuggle vials of "Cancer related research" from the country.  

His name surfaced again briefly in January when connections to Dr. Charles Lieber, a Harvard Professor was arrested.

“Unbeknownst to Harvard University beginning in 2011, Lieber became a ‘Strategic Scientist’ at Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) in China and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents Plan from in or about 2012 to 2017,”

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But, as the COVID-19 Coronavirus consumed our world and our media, these stories got swept aside

Until now.  Because now Zaosong Zheng is speaking.  And the story he is telling has added an even more terrifying aspect to the most terrifying story of our generation.

In a nearly 3 hour interview on the American Conservative Podcast,  Zheng explained that the COVID-19 Caronavirus is  in fact naturally occurring, and was discovered in bats.  But according to him, the Chinese government has been experimenting with COVID for almost 2 years, and intentionally weaponized it against the United States.

"This virus could not possibly be more perfect as a weapon against your country if it had been engineered"  Khang said.  "It has an extremely high face to face contagion level.  Americans are, as a society, reckless and arrogant.  Yes, there are steps a government could take to minimize the damage, but as we are all seeing now, yours is a country that can not move beyond its own ego enough to follow those steps.  And it will get worse.  Your estimates on the period of incubation are wrong.  Two weeks or even a month is nothing.  And thoughts that once you have had the virus you are immune are also untrue."

"Many will take precautions, but enough will defiantly refuse thus continuing the spread of the pandemic.  Look around." he said "Look at your beaches and your shopping centers and even your churches.  The majority of your population refuses to take even the most basic precautions like masks and gloves."

According to Zhang, the virus has been spreading in the United States as far back as October; he says the Chinese government was sending infected individuals to America before the cold weather arrived.   "The virus does not go completely dormant in warm weather as some caronaviruses do, but it is exponentially more active in cold weather.  They wanted the contagion to have a foothold when flu season struck."

When asked about the loss of life in China, Zhang chuckled.  "You must understand that to the Chinese government, civilians are no more than numbers.  Hundreds of thousands of casualties may seem like an immense number, but one must  realize that the People's Republic of China boasts a population of nearly 1.4 billion.  By comparison to that number, a few hundred thousand is a drop of water in a pond."

He continued "One must also realize the Chinese government are a brutal class.  The majority of the casualties there were "damaged civilians" and considered a "burden" to the country.

When asked if there was a cure for the COVID-19 virus in China, he said there was not.  "But in this case, a cure is unnecessary.  There is an infinitely simple answer here.  Instead of the haphazard steps being taken, different regions partaking in varying degrees of lock down, America needs to follow the actions taken by the countries who are successfully combating the virus.  The data is there.  Look at the casualty lvels in China and Korea and then look at the numbers in Europe and America.  People must realize that what is happening is what the Chinese government counted on when they chose this path, and your country is not disappointing."

Zhang declined to comment on President Trump and the government's response to the Pandemic, other than to repeat that  America as a country is not disappointing the Chinese governments's expectations.  He also would not discuss his criminal case or the details therein.

When asked why he was coming forward now, he replied "I knew this would be a catastrophe, but I don't think anyone, including the Chinese government, understood how significant it would become.  People need to understand that the numbers they see on television are misleading.  The number of confirmed cases in America is nearly half a million, but with the exponentially small number of testing being done, I promise you the actual number is closer to 20 million.  And the number infected but not symptomatic is higher still.  This is perhaps the most unnecessary disaster in human history, because the solution is so simple.  The Chinese government shut down Wuhan for 90 days.  Yes, there were casualties, as there will be in America.  But this pandemic can be stopped.  The very moderate amount of social distancing and sever lack of basic protective devices not only for professionals but for the general public make these moderate steps all but pointless.  A partial solution will only slow the spread down.  It will not come close to stopping it.  Look at a picture of Wuhan.  Nearly every face is masked.  There is no shortage, because the government has taken very simple steps to ensure production."

Zaosong Zheng's statements may fall into some pundits' classification of a 'conspiracy theory", but the truth is other than his claims that the Chinese government did this with intent, there is very little here that isn't already public knowledge.  We can only hope at this point that we as a whole start listening before our great nation falls.