....And Now We Know Why Trump Is Pushing This Malaria Drug For COVID-19

As the world around us is gripped in the turmoil of the COVID-19 coronavirus, President Donald Trump has been a rather vehement supporter of the drug Hydroxzchloroquine.

And it wasn't just that particular press conference; Trump has mentioned the drug multiple times in nearly every one of the White House's daily press conferences.

Many members of his team have also promoted use of Hydroxychloroquine,  Mike Pence brings it up nearly as much as the President does.  Trade adviser Peter Navarro has been front and center on the subject, appearing numerous times on various networks to tout the drug.  His support went so far as to  blow up on Dr. Anthony Fuaci in a White house staff meeting this weekend for referring to the evidence on Hydroxychloroquine as "anecdotal"   (essentially "second hand")

Fox News has, at times, almost become a commercial for the drug.  The vast majority of theur anchors hane been almost as firm in their support of the drug as the President.

Dr. Fauci has been equally as firm in his refusal to support the drug.  And let us remember that this is the man Trump has chosen to be the Medical face of this pandemic.

We urge you to research on your own on this subject, but here is a brief summary of the "scientific evidence" on Hydroxychloroquine:  No one knows if it works.  There have been extensive studies of the effects of the drug on caronaviruses over time, and in lab settings there has been some success.  

One key fact we must be aware of:  "caronavirus" is a general term.  There are many different kinds of caronaviruses.  The name has been attached to the COVID-19 virus, but it is a class of viruses.  COVID-19 is not THE coronavirus, it is A caronavirus.  The tests the president and his associates keep referencing were done on caronaviruses, but not on the COVID-19 virus.  And as we all know by now, this is a far different breed of bug.

Yes, hospitals have been using the drug, The FDA has NOT  approved Hydroxychloroquine, but rather authorized emergency use of the drug.... an act they rarely use, except in situations like.... well, this.  Essentially is means "We havent tested this, but it might work and people are dying in droves."  It is a last resort.

So here is the long and short:  Hydroxychloroquine has been tested in labs on coronaviruses with some success, but not on COVID-19.  And there is no where near enough evidence to say it works on this one.   Yes, some people have gotten better taking it.  But as we know, the majority of people will get over COVID-19.  People have also died in spite of the drug.  And there are side effects.  If you have and kind of heart condition, it can cause cardiac arrest.  It can cause blindness.  It can cause psychotic episodes.  As with most drugs, these are extremely rare circumstances.

So the simple truth is this.... no one knows.  It may help.  It may not.  So why, with such uncertainty, is the President so firm in his support?

The answer may be far more disturbing than any of us thought.  Initially, we assumed it was a combination of two things.  One:  Trump being Trump.  He's the consummate salesman.  Does he exaggerate at times?  Of course.  But while the left wing media keeps a running tally of his "lies", the truth is the majority of them are embellishments.  Everything is "the most", "the best", or "the greatest."  normally followed by "In history."  He isn't lying, he's selling and putting on a show.  We elected a New York real estate mogul/ reality star.  Why would we expect anything else?'

The other was a technique the white house uses frequently under Trump: Controlling the flow of information.  For example, Trump just let America know last week that COVID-19 is going to kill, in all likelihood, hundreds of thousands of us.  Does anyone believe he just learned that the day he told us?  Of course not.  But that's how this administration works.  They issue facts piecemeal, often times only after said information is leaked or about to.  Prior to this pandemic, that wasn't really as big a deal as the left portrayed.  It was a game of political competition, and the consequences, while annoying said left, weren't exactly catastrophic.  Now, however, they are dire.

But in the end, it appears this isn't about any of that.  This is about money.

The two largest manufacturers of Hydroxychloroquine are Novartis and Sanofi, both European companies.  And Trump and his family's trusts, along with a number of his circle, are heavily invested in both companies.  In other words, if   Hydroxychloroquine becomes the go to drug for a pandemic that most predict will infect more than 50 million people when all is said and done, it will be an epic financial windfall for Trump and his family.

His fervent support for Hydroxychloroquine suddenly seems far less noble.  Trying to give your constituents hope is one thing Mr. President.  Lying to us all to line your own pockets is quite another.

We ask you all to look into this yourselves.  We have supported Donald Trump since his election, but support and blind devotion are two different things.  The president of the United States of America works for us, not the other way around.  We will continue to support him, but we must also hold him responsible.