40,000 People Have Flown From China To US AFTER Trump's Travel Ban. How?

If you have been watching Donald Trump's daily press conferences like we have, and you take him at his word,  then there is one thing you know.  His decisive move to shut down our borders saved millions of lives.

But did he?  

No, we're not asking if he saved millions of lives.  Or any lives.  That's a subjective question for people to decide for themselves.

The question is this:  Did Trump really close the border?  

It was February 2nd when President Trump announced that international travel to and from China had been halted.

But numbers released today not only don't back up that claim:  They directly contradict it.

Since February 2nd, there have been 279 full public commercial flights into the United States from China.  more than 40,000 passengers were on those flights.  And no, these are not just Americans stuck somewhere coming home.  According to records only 59% of those passengers were Americans.

And it gets worse.  All but a handfull of those flights landed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Newark and Detroit.  In case you haven't watched TV in 2020, That is essentially a list of the metropolitan hot spots in the United States.

And yes, it gets worse.  The place of origin for almost 80% of those flights?  The city of Wuhan.  Yes, the birthplace of the COVID-19 virus.

And security and screening on these flights has been virtually non existent.   

Essentially, Trump's ban isn't nearly as strict as we were led to believe, and is far from absolute.  As is often the case, there are loopholes within loopholes.  There are literally dozens of government officials who have the authority to unrestrict people, and they have been doing so frequently. (To the tune of 40,000 people)

And don't take our word for it; here is Trump's actual proclomation in full.

Trump's China Travel Ban

According to reports, the vast majority of these incoming passengers were traveling for purelu personal business purposes.

It makes the Travel Ban concept seem a bit weaker, doesn't it?  What is the point of a partial travel ban?  There are still thousands of people flying from Wuhan to the United States.  There were more that a dozen flights this week!

Perhaps our president needs to take a day off from telling us what an amazing job he is doing, pause with the whole attacking any reporter who askes a question he doesn't like, and explain why his travel ban isn't actually a travel ban.