March 30, 2020

March 30, 2020

With the numbers rising nearly hourly of the number of those infected with the COVID-19 and the death toll rising, the world sits in a pandemic that doesn't seem to be slowing down..  Stock markets have been falling at epic levels worldwide as fear grips us.  But Friday afternoon the first bit of good news may have finally come out.

We all know governments across the globe have been testing drugs and their response to the COVID-19 Coronavirus.  While some, including Chloroquine, the anti'malaria drug the President had supported vigorously, have been shown to be effective.  But it appears a candidate has come forward from a surprising source.

In a press conference today Dr. Hans Gilbertson of the Norway Institute of disease control announced that a vaccine has been discovered for the COVID-19 Corona virus.

Many hospitals have been successfully treating COVID-19 with HIV medication to combat the virus's attacks on the immune system.  Dr. Gilbertson has been one of the premier researchers in the field of HIV cures;  the drug he designed, MYNAVICUM-12, has been one of the only drugs to show any real success in curing AIDS/HIV, and is in the final stages of clinical trials currently.

Patients with the COVID-19 virus have been treated with MYNAVICUM-12 over the last several weeks, and the recovery rate is 100%; not one patient has died.

The United States CDC is working closely with Dr. Gilbertson and the NIDC,  and both Phizer and Bayer, two of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, are already gearing up for mass production to be distributed on a global scale.

It should be noted that Mynavicum-12 does nothing to prevent the COVID-19 Corona virus, but  rather attacks the virus itself from the inside, effectively disabling it on a molecular level.

Production could begin in as little as 90 days.